A b o u t   U s
Nature gets it right, so we get it from nature. The food that we grow here at Granville is eco-certified and loved, from seed to harvest.

We’re a small, family-owned and run farm. Our philosophy is to produce ecological fruits and vegetables of the best quality. That means sourcing heirloom seeds, not using harmful pesticides, and rotating crops. While our yields aren’t huge, Granville’s produce is, truly, of the best quality you can get. Filled with minerals and vitamins, you can rest easy knowing that your family is well-taken care of. Nutritious and simple, we harvest all of our produce, minimizing waste, and making sure that crooked carrot finds its way onto your table too.

O u r    v a l u e s

Be the change you want to see in world

I T ’ S   A L L    E C O    C E R T I F I E D

We’re a 100% certified ecological farm. This is a principle that’s engrained not just in our work, but in our family too. We trust nature and that it knows best.

S u p e r    f r e s h

There is no time to waste with organic produce. Use it up when it’s at its best, and cut out the need for preservatives or other additives.

F A M I L Y    O W N E D

Granville’s produce is a family owned and run business. When we retire, all of the fruits of our labor will be left for our kids and grandkids to run.

S U S T A I N A B L E    F A R M I N G

We live by the principle that our work has to be good for the nature. We are working towards running a fully zero-waste organic farm here at Granville.

We’re all about real food that’s fresh, ecological, and sustainable.